Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Rounds 6 and 7 of the SCTA Championship Series are next weekend! The whole V.O.T.E. crew will be out in force on Valentine's day, showing our TRIALS LOVE, and getting the last of twenty sections and two loops in place. Still looking for a few checkers for Saturday, so let me know if you're interested.Brad, Trevor, Darrell, FNG, Gabby, Russ, and Steve. Me behind the camera, per usual.
The graffiti has been power-washed away from the rocks north of the pits, thanks to Steve Leffler and Brad Allred, (Awesome humans, both- and just another reason they're featured on the flier).
One last thing, if you're coming in from the OC, the 91 will be shut down all damn weekend. So take the 57 to the 60, then south on 215. That's 30 more minutes for you to rock the stereo, and hype yourself up for some super cool trial action! See you, on the rocks!

Finally, who's checking? Our list of awesomeness begins here:

Saturday, The Jack Volder Classic:
1. Russ Victor & Cole Cullins
2. Darrell Palmer
3. Tori Carrillo
4. Joseph Carrillo
5. Steve Leffler
6. Bill Merritt
7. Greg Fisch
8. Jason Forrest
9. Dan the Man Varner
10. Clive Hannon!!!! Yeah!!

Sunday, Feb 21, The Happy Trial:
1. Tom Materna (Dibs on Section 1!)
2. Mike Jenkins
3. Steve Leffler
4. Art Bradford
5. Ty Cullins
6. Chris Cullins
7. Paul Oswald
8. Gary Stewart
9. Damon Barda
10. Don Copeland!


Please contact us at the 'Talk to us' link at the left, if you wish to check AND get a free 150% cool VOTE hat, AND get winning points toward the season championship. And if I screwed up, and I have the day that you are checking listed wrong, please let me know. Thanks mates!