Check, Mate.

OK, good karma seekers, here's a great opportunity for aquiring some really fine Karma (and right before the holidays, to boot)! First off, this weekend, this Sunday more specifically, come on out to Keyesville and pitch in with the Big Feets to help set the sections for the BIG WOOD. Good Karma; 1, bad Karma; zero.

Next, volunteer to check the BIG WOOD next Sunday the 11th, and win the good vibe, best friend award! You know how great that feels! So, if you check, did you realize you would be joining the ranks of THESE wonderful humans?

1.   Jim Pyeatt (awesome)
2.   Bill Mattson (nice job)
3.   Erik Mattson (What a swell guy)
4.   Scott Alten (altruistic)
5.   Rick Spruell (unbound benevolence)
6.   Gary Stewart! (Santa's favorite)
7.   Sir William Merritt (her majesty's agent sent to civilize Captain O)
8.   Teri Ritchieson (You rock it, girl!)
9.   YOUR NAME HERE (utopian)
10. Cole Cullins (truly the next big thing in Advanced class.)
11. Just one more Adult please! Please!                                                                                                                                                                                                     Those eyes! Cole is WAY focused!So come on, give us a message here at the good ol', and we will make sure that Santa treats you better than Rudolph.

Cheers, Damon B.