Results? Yes we got 'em.

Hi anxious friends, we now have the stunning results,in all their excel spreadsheeted glory! Go download them NOW, right here. Round 3 results will be posted shortly. (Give us a break, our scorekeeper's finger is kind of sliced and diced right now) Get well soon Erik!


ALSO ALSO! Did you know there is a vintage Trial coming up? An AHRMA National Two-day trial? Well yes there is! While not a part of the SCTA series, I heartily suggest you go check out these blokes!Sincerely old school. Like your daddy rode in the day.Also at the wonderland of trials that is MotoVentures, November 12 and 13th. Download more info here.

Finally, our low-life web guy promises to place more info on the banner image, regarding The BIG WOOD TRIAL, hosted by Big Feets Trials Club, held December 11. Just need to get back to my Mac.