It's Official after all..

Officially fun that is.

What is? or what was? The Unofficial Fun Trial at the Piutes was, that's what. While all the Southland was baking away in the swelter down below, we Piutians enjoyed cool temps, hot fires, and super chill riding. If you've seen some of the pics on Facebook, you kinda know what it was like. But it was like that, times ten.

What you can't HEAR in the photos are the mini- vuvuzuelas supplied by the Plonkers, to lend an international flair and loudness to the usual golf-polite jeering.  I had such a blast hitting big stuff that in all honesty, I'd never try at home. Knowing that the horns would be blasting if I bailed; that's strong inspiration indeed.


Great to see all who made it out to the Piutes. And NOW...

SCTA 2015/2016 Season begins! Event ONE! SlabTemberFEST in the Buttes. September 27, at Cougar Buttes. Plonker's presented. Sign up at the event. And this season, more so than ever, sign up and pledge allegiance to your favorite trials club:

SDTR. Big Feets. Plonkers. VOTE. They all rock, they all put on good ol' SCTA trials action, and they all need your love. Pick your club, love your club. See you ALL in a few weeks at the 'Buttes.

Stay tuned for more info, brothers and sisters.

-Damon B