Here's to The New Season...

My dear Southern California Trials Riders, I gotta say, we are seriously set. The four clubs of SoCal have arranged a rambunctious, raucous, and dare I say racy, TEN event competition season, spanning from September to April; eight full months of serious moto-trials action. Head on over to the competition tab above for all the exquisite details, but highlights, there are many: High desert action in Cougar Buttes, as only the Plonkers Trials Club can deliver. A savory and sublime retrurn to north San Diego County's McCain Valley, put on by the San Diego Trials Riders. Big Feets Trials Club is taking over Keyesville for a wintery classic to close out the year 2015. Romoland gets two completely unique trials at the Romodome, hosted by VOTE, the Jack Volder Classic and the good ol' Happy Trial.

Then of course, there is the FORTY-SIXTH annual El Trial, back at Keyesville. Holy Paella, that's some serious history. From Cody Webb, Bernie Shreiber, to Adam Raga, this has been a perrenial classic event, with some intense action that's been going on since your daddy wore bell bottoms. (Ask him. He did). Hey SoCal, hey even Norcal; bring it on! The 2016 El Trial de España shall be one for the ages. This one's for Fred.

Not only all that, but we also have a fun little unofficial trial this weekend in the Piutes, with a poquito Plonkeresque feel, followed by a CharliE Rowlett hosted BBQ and beverage extravaganza, and my own little fish taco factory, all served tailgate style. Stop on by the piutes, or miss it and weep.

So to all of you, my brothers and sisters, let's get it on. SoCal Trials is intensely ready for the new season. Now: join your favorite club, help throw an event, and let the trials begin. Neat Malcom, neat.

See you on the rocks,

-Damon Barda, acting SCTA president.