Trials now.

My man, Paul, poster boy for keeping it real, all Summer long.Wow! All of July just passed like a train, and there sits the poor little website, on a seemingly endless summer break. But NO! Fret not. I'm (the so-called web guy) back. Deadlines met, clients happy, and all that. So thank you to everyone for hanging in there.

Now lets get down to bizness! The season is starting soon, yes?

Yes indeed. September 27, we kick off the 2015-2016 season right, with the Plonker's hosting the opening round at Cougar Buttes. And that's not all. If you've been poking around this here site, you may have read about a secret fun trial, up high in the Piutes, the weekend of September 5. Check it out and if it meet's your idea of fun, then by all means, get on up there. It's a CharliE thing!