A word from the Captain

Sometimes you just might miss this, so I am passing along Paul Oswald's much more eloquent words.



Hi Friends,

Tori Carillo and Jake Malmquist. The Stone Trophy and the Markham Trophy. Every name on those two trophies is a formidable reminder of the work and dedication it takes to keep trials going forward, or be successful as a young competitor. Tori and Skyler Corrillo, and the unpictured Joseph. Yeah team!Thank you Tori for all the selfless work and great lunches. Your Youth Trials are just pure magic and important to our sport.

Jake, take a look at that trophy. The names on it are all special. Your name is now on there too. Honor that special notice you have been given by working hard to improve, and be the great example of a young rider on his way to the top, that I know you will be. Congratulations to you. (Dad too!)

No one will ever know (except me and Sarah) how hard Chris Cullins has worked to keep our trials world alive and healthy. Every event, every stake and ribbon, every meeting, literally everyday and every month of the year our president is banging away at making sure things go smoothly on the SoCal trial world. It is a labor of love, it is daunting. Chris, thank you one thousand times! You have done a super job with our organization.

See you all next season!

Paul Oswald