The Kids Are Alright.

Well, as my good old friend Shakespeare would say, All's well that ends well. And this 2014-2015 SCTA Season has finished so very well. First there were the championship awards. Big shout out to our latest round of class Champions, Jake Malmquist, Novice; Grant Alten, Sportsman; Russ Victor, Intermediate; Erik Mattson, Clubman B; Tim Holm, Clubman A; Chris Cullins, Advanced; and Ty Cullins in Expert.

The Youth award went to the young and very dedicated Jake Malmquist. I rode with this young man, and he is super serious, and definitely on the way up. Big things ahead for young Jake, that's for sure.Jake Malmquist and outgoing SCTA President, Chris Cullins.

Also pictured is our outgoing SCTA President, Chris Cullins. Chris has been dedicated to creating a thriving trials scene here for so many years, and we all here at SCTA thank him for all his hard work and persistence. It isn't always easy, or fun, or even cheap, but Chris has always been there to make sure each and every trial, award, stake and ribbon, were done, and done right. Now maybe he can just relax, and ride!

More later, work becons. Thanks for coming out y'all!