Check the Big One.

Howdy folks, still looking for just 2 more checkers for next weekend's El Trial de Espana. Just need four more! (and some adult supervision). We would love to see some new folks out there! It's the best way to support the sport. So far we have:

Chris Cullins, Course Marshal


1 Cole Cullins--still will need to check with adult. (Seriously- this is a cush Job- Cole knows the rules and can work the punch!)
2 Paul Oswald
3 Martin Belair
4 Loretta Holm
5 Mark Oldar
6 Pete Croft
7 Gary Stewart
8 John Sides
9 Damon Barda
10 You?


1 Cole Cullins and John Sides

2 Paul Oswald

3 Scott Lynch
4 Clive Hannon
5 Bill Merritt
6 Marcus Miller
7 Tim Holm
8 Pete Croft
9 Martin Belair with Zac Maeda
10 Gabby Caperon