Clean Up, Update.

Actually, this in from Tim Holm, who has been instrumental in getting this day organized.
Hey Guys,
We haven't heard much buzz about this. I know it's probably not the highest thing on a Saturday priority list, but it IS for a good cause; ROMOLAND.

How this whole thing got started was a little bit scary. The way we (the SCTA) was approached was quite intimidating. Apparently there was a "movement" by some of the surrounding neighborhoods to SHUT DOWN Romoland, to us, and everyone else too!

Our solution was to "get close" to these individuals, and become sympathetic to their concerns. We have... and thus the birth of The First Annual Romoland Clean-up Day.

We should have promoted this better and given everyone more notice, but we've all been pretty busy; Keyesville and El Trial has been the priority.

In the past couple of weeks we have really picked up a lot of momentum for this event. The President of a local Homeowner Association, a guy called "Big Mike", has really got things ramped up.
He has recruited the local horse community to bring in reinforcements and somehow gotten Hefty to supply all the trash bags we'll need. He even purchased a dumpster to be placed down at the Korean Church to save us money and time going to the dump.

Now it's time to rap ourselves around this great cause.

If you love riding bikes with no seats; if you've got a truck and a few hours this Saturday morning, it would be nice to see a strong Trials Community showing of support.

We have 7 or 8 people committed so far. I'd like to see that number double.

GGR, Tim