Keyesville Results!

Up and posted, right here on THIS page. We will have the standings posted in the next few days too, But for now, Tim, Ty, Russ- no worries: you got this. Everybody else, there's still time for YOU to directly change the year-end results. There is one more trial, and that would be of course; EL Trial. So get ready for that, right?Meanwhile, a few more pics from the Keyesville Classic. My man Mattson, Mattson had himself a very good day.pictured left, ALMOST has the Club B championship wrapped up. That is, unless Mr. Lewis has anything to do with it!

Also, HUGE huge shout out to the Carrillo family, for hosting the Kids trial all year! So many smiles, (and only a few tears), have made this really one of the special and unique parts of our 2014/2015 season

And to think, I knew her back when she was just getting started!So there was an Aubrey, a Katy, and a Lily. I (think) I got this right!