Ride with the SCTA National Heroes at Keyesville this weekend. (Or check a section; it's all good!)

Friends! SCTA is a family of very special personalities connected by our love for a very unique sport and our appetitie for competition. Some of our very best riders went to the Arizona National this weekend and represented SCTA at the highest level of our sport. We were well represented. Andrew Oldar, 1st and 1st Expert. Ty Cullins, 3rd and 5th Expert. Brad Hannon, 1st and 3rd Sportsman. Michael Salsman, 2nd and 2nd Twin Shock. Mark Franklin, 3rd and 1st, Sr Clubman. Peter Croft, 6th and 4th, Sr. Clubman. Yes, he's always smiling.Todd Bennett, 2nd and 1st, Sr. 50. My buddy, Bill Hanson, 3rd and 3rd in his first National ever! Mr Podium! That is him in the photo on the (yes it is) Montesa Honda. Thanks to all for representing the So Cal trials scene so well. Congratulations guys!Salsman: Ripping it old school, new school, whatever!

You can ride with these legends of sport! It is true. Next weekend at Keyesville they will all be in attendance, and you can be right there with them, riding against the best our nation has to offer in several classes. Keyesville is a special venue in the Southern Sierras that presents some great challenges with captivating scenery. You need to be there among the SCTA Heroes and the trees. So get your bike ready, grab the flyer, put some gas in the truck, and get up there. I cannot wait. See you there!  

-POIf you ride, you get to post ride. Mr. Victor, Holm, Barda, and Oswald doing the tailgate thing.

Paul wrote that. Love that guy!


And I'm writing this: If You're feeling extra benevolent, why you should check a section of course. We still need a few more to get the magic TEN. So far, these wonderful EIGHT trials humanitarians: TWO more to GO!

1) Mike Graves
2) Loretta Holm
3) Gary Stewart
4) Ty Cullins
5) Gabby Caperon:
6) Pete Croft
7) Tom Materna
8) Kevin Cashman
9) You?
10) You? Bueller?

Please join the list, especially if you haven't checked all season. That would be kind indeed. No checker, no section, make Mongo sad.

Oh and HEY! El Trial is coming up!!click to go big, and real PDF file available soon!