Eternal Happiness

A loop card like this could make anybody happy!

The secret to happiness? Easy. Support your local trial! That's right, The Keyseville Classic is most definitely on, and most definitely in need of some righteous checkers.

Dotted along those twisty pine-covered trails above Lake Isabella are some downright awesome sections, ten of them actually, with panoramic views and fresh mountain air, and get this: You can have your very own section! Punch a scorecard, feel that good Karma, and send the guy off to the next section with a smile on his face. Hey, and if you check, you win! That's right, silly, you score the equivalent points of a win, when you check. It is, as they say, all good. We need 10 of you, and well...

The rundown so far:

1. Mike Graves

2. Loretta Holm

3. Gary Stewart

4. You

5. You

6. You

7. You

8. You

9. You

10. You


Get your name on that list, and feel the happy.