What's on YOUR fridge?

Or like CharliE says, what's around yer neck? Maybe one of these wonderful commemorative dogtags? If you come on out to the plaques on the adventure ride, or even come up the easy way, you'll get one.

 Says CharliE:

You can also check out the famous Plonkers plaques AND get your cool laser etched dogtag WITHOUT having to beat yourself up on the Adventure Ride. How? Ride the "back way" trail in, park your bike and simply walk the last quarter mile. Then share in the gala festivities! Come on, you know you want to. Then of course there's the primo finisher magnets. Your fridge/ice chest/tool box needs some bling, and now!The aptly decorated bardahut fridge. It's what OUTSIDE that counts.

Always room for one more magnet. Available only at the end of loop 3, at the Shamrock Trial.