Seriously. The Shamrock trial is coming right up, this very weekend. Sections set, loop in place, and the weather promises to be nothing short of spectacular. (maybe a bit warm, but it's the desert, of course it's warm)

A Couple of notes- That Saturday adventure ride? Well, it is just that- an adventure, and while it's open to all, it's definitely a big-boy ride, with some pretty serious ups, downs, and everything else. I wouldn't miss it, but hey- just be ready.Why, it's Todd Bennett, auxillary gas tank and all, getting over one of life's obstacles.

Also, we don't have the online sign up for this event, so bring your cash or checks for actual event sign up, the morning of the trial.

Finally, this is an AMA-Sanctioned, competitive event. BRING YOUR AMA LICENSE. It's the rules, and what the AMA requires. As I often say, 'Bring it'.