The Secret List Revealed?

If all goes according to my diabolical plan, these are the people, and the very sections they will be at. Be super nice to them. Make them happy. It'll be fun, I promise.Random garage picture. No secret meaning.

The crew, their domain:

Sect 1/Course Marshall: Damon/Paul

Sect 2. Darrell Palmer. Section close to staging, stop on by, spectators!

Section 3. Tori C. The View West.

Section 4. Don W/Kelly C. Shady bits, northern slope.

5. Art B and Joseph C. With newly crafted tree tunnel.

6. Mike Jenkins. Fun boulder hops!

7. Michael Salsman. The WAY out there section. Mega-cool up!

8. Didrik T. Awwww, A grassy meadow...

9. Austin Victor (NATC Certified). A cool jump for my clubbies that I love so much.

10. Tim Holm. Clyde crafted, really big, and moon dust turns. Spine tingling.

See y'all there. And please abideby about the permit-mandated practice limitations.