The Scoop on the Loop

Nice, huh? I kill myself.

Anyhow, the Scoop on the Loop is, that the loop is in, all ribboned up and ready for inspection. And by inspection I mean by the BLM, who wish to make sure our loop is clear, safe, and well, very happy. (And please read all of this for a special treat at the end, assuming you have Google Earth installed.)

Which brings me to point 2; the Rules of the Loop. Pretty simple really, but we're going to be firm on this one thing: STAY on the LOOP. Your bike never strays more that 24 inches from the centerline of trail. Got that, Padowan? This is your mantra, this is our mantra, and it will keep us riding at Romoland, this season and in the future. Thank you kindly, in advance, for your cooperation.

Now the fun part. Click here to watch the entire Happy loop, and it's ten little happy sections. It's really kind of fun. Anyhow, on with my day. You do have Google Earth, right?