A Change in The Schedule!!

Hi all, PLEASE note we have gone and slightly modified the SCTA Season Schedule. Due to all sorts of screw-ups on my part, we have shifted the January 3 Jack Volder Classic to SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20! Follwed by the Happy Trial, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21. A Two-Trial Weekend!

PLEASE make a note of it, let your friends know, and get your (smaller) camping rigs ready!
Please also send any comments my way- I personally read and respond to your comments and questions, and hey- I'm here for YOU.

Finally, please accept my sincerest apologies if this change causes grief and inconvenience. I regret having to toy with the schedule, and I know many of you plan the season around it. I hear you.


Thanks, have a great January!, and the results are now available!

-Damon B,
SCTA President