Trials: Love it, Check it!

So... The Big Wood Trial is set for THIS weekend, and most everything is in place. About all we need are a few good checkers. So far we have these wonderful souls, who know the true meaning of giving back to the sport:
1. Gabby Caperon
2. Erik Mattson
3. Jim Pyeatt
4. Gary Stewart (Yes!)
5. Myron White. (No lunch required!) Just sayin'.
6. Bryan Meyerpeter! Whoo hoo! Closing in on it.

Alternate/Section Helpers- Kennise Oschner. Stepping up!

Won't you please add your name to the list? Free lunch, fun Czech ride on Saturday, and of course, the POWER. Let us know if you can help out! just click on contact us, over on the left, and I'll get you up and running. first time checking, no worries, come on out and we will teach you all you need to know.


Click this here map for a close-in view of where the event is. If you get there past dark, make sure you drive down the road past the old camp, past Pearl Harbor Drive, THEN turn right into the meadow. It gets pretty dark out there, let me tell you.You can also use the interactive map at the left under Maps: Where we ride


PS: GasGas is Back!


Thanks so much,

Damon B,

SCTA Pres.