The Results are In!

Round 1, all wrapped up. We here at SCTA Headquarters have crunched the numbers, and the results are now available, right here!

I've tried to design the results up a bit, mostly to increase legibilty, and make them just a bit more starightforward, and modern.Do head over to the results page, or get 'em here. Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think, or what you thought of the event. My feeling the trial was pretty dang spot-on. Tough sections for sure, very few gimme's, and a sweet and mellow loop.
Saturday's group loop ride proved very insightful, and gave the newer riders a good opportunity to understand how the whole thing was put together, and how the splits all worked. Hearing Todd explain how easy everything was, well that was definitely a hoot.
Saturday night, free tires, burned karate blocks (you had to be there), and festivities under the super-moon.

This is SoCal Trials, Plonkers style, and it feels good.

Peace, Love and Trials,

-Damon B,

SCTA President.