Romoland: The Checker Situation.

Two days until The Jack Volder Classic, at ROMOLAND. We have JUST about met our quota, to cover all 10 hand-crafted and lovingly sited sections. To date these folks have committed: C'mon now, one or two more? Let us know.

1. Chris Cullins

2. Ty Cullins

3. Mike 'Taters' Jenkins

4. Dan Varner

5. Art Bradford (Stepping it UP!)

6. Damon B.

7. Loretta Holm (best helmet in trials)

8. Verne Lofquist

9. Reid Davis

10. YOU????

Hey, we'll even take extras! Let us know, and thanks, and dont forget to check the weather and everything. It could be epic! I mean just check out this cat:

Mr. Russ Victor getting it up at the Romodome. So to speak!

And, if you would like a really hi-res version of this bad-ass picture of Mistor Victor, you know, for your desktop or something, you can get it right here. You're welcome.