It's here! The Jack Volder Classic!

After a frosty New Year, and a good deal of rain, the SCTA brings you our first Trial of 2015! Romoland is experiencing the best condidtions in years, and the riding has been super incredibly wonderful. 10 Sections are all in, ready for your competition pleasure. Feeling like a day of chilling, while helping the trials cause? Well, we're still looking for some checkers, too! Volunteer now.

How many checkers, you ask? About 6 more would be just awesome.

So far we have these 3- NO- SIX brave, wonderful humans... Please jump on the list!

1.Chris Cullins

2.Ty Cullins

3.Mike Jenkins

4. Dan Varner

5. Art Bradford!

6. Damon B. Don't make me five you.





Let us know, either here, or contact Chris (his info is on the flier).