The Great Leap Forward

Hey there, my fellow trials riding people. So, over the Christmas break, I (the web guy) got myself one cool new camera. (Actually not new, but eBay new, which is good enough for my budget). And not a big bad-ass DSLR, but a neat little retro number, with a big sensor, and the ability to shoot up to 12 frames a second. Still just playing around, trying to figure out all them bells and whistle things. But I do like how I was able to catch Pat Smage taking this great leap across the desert. Note Mr. Kako in the lower right. Yes, it's a pretty huge gap. Enjoy.

AND: Get ready for the Happy Trial! Just 3 weeks out, amigos.

Heck, we already have FIVE checkers for sure. Let us know if you'd like to join. It's free!

So far, we've got

1. Paul Oswald

2. Joseph C

3. Tori C

4. Mike Jenkins

5. Damon B