Tres Guerreros

Well first, let me say, the results are in! The cards are counted, and the winners have emerged, mud-soaked, battle scarred, triumphant. It was just the kind of day that brings out the best. Well done, everyone. Download the results here.

Now on to the group above. The aptly-named Tres Guerreros. Paul Oswald, Bill Merritt, and Tim Holm. Clubman A. Year after year, these guys battle one another, and the elements. Sunday was no different. At Section 7, the group spent quiet and focused time reviewing their lines, guaging how little friction the wet rocks might offer, if any. From my foggy perch, the view truncated by the mist, these three riders amazed at every single loop.

At day's end, Captain Oswald took top honors, but by a scant three points. The true value in checking a trial is watching these gritty battles unfold.