It rained all day. It was perfect!

If you missed it...Even the checkers were all smiles! Cole displays his mudness. I am sorry, but you had a chance at riding an amazing trial at an amazing venue and you missed it. Damon and I will have more later. Thanks to VOTE, the checkers, Chris and especially Sarah Cullins who maitained the sign up station throughout the day despite the down pour. What a great event!

To be honest, the whole drive to Romoland in the early morning was constant rain, with some drizzle. But you know trials, it is about overcoming obstacles. So a little rain, well that just makes the event that much more a test. All classes were represented, 40 riders in all. very few abandoned. Some of best rides, and worst cleans- I saw it all. Good stuff.

Join us next month, February 15 to be exact, for the Happy Trial, also at Romoland! Rain or shine.Probably my most epic pic of the day. Todd was pretty intensely focused, for sure.Bliven getting all Scottish on us.