Livin' the Bling Dream

Of course this Sunday (October 5th!) is the Slabtoberfest Trial, so named in tribute to that beast of a monolith, The Slab. It's a freaking monster of a rock, just like this is gonna be one monster of a trial! All manner of great things await, from an expertly laid out California desert loop, to sweet, sweet finisher trinkets, and everything in between.Hyep. Those are somes mighty fine tags there, suh! Click 'em.

IT STARTS with Saturday's Adventure Ride. If you are feeling jaunty, join us for a challenging ride along the National Loop, high up to the Webster and Hogan plaques, and back down the stee-eep back. It's a mighty big ride, and not for the beginner, but the reward is the rest stop, at the plaques. Few riders, few PEOPLE, can say they've stood at this spot. Finishers are honored with hard-earned military-grade custom etched dog tags.

I'm gettin' all spiritual just thinking about it.

The fires rage on Saturday night, as we see whose paint we can melt. Somehow all this is followed by The Slabtoberfest Trial, at 10:00 sharp on Sunday morning. Be there early- there is bike inspection, sign-up, and general acclimatizing to be done. Bring your AMA card, too. Spectators, bring your parasol, camera, and sunblock and enjoy some close-by sections (and send me pictures!). Meanwhile, my man Sam reminded me to post this cool little video, which shows the spectacle that is Cougar Buttes. Enjoy. Click on the bottom right, and see the Hannons, Dean K, and Mr. Bennett go BIG time.

We'll see you this weekend! More info here.