One-Two Punch!

Holey Moley that was one great weekend! All the kids came out swinging, and the season is most definitely ON. First off, a HUGE thank you to SDTR and Big Feets both. Each event was perfect, with unique challenges each day. Tree tunnels, creek slaloms, and whippy little jumps; the loop gave me a smile-ache. Each section challenged, with Erik Mattson's section 3 being the quintessential son of a beep on Saturday.

About those races... Let me see, Novice class- nice little rumble, with newcomer Ross Douglas taking the day on Saturday. Sportsman had Dave Booth taking charge, with young Shaun Merritt right on his tail.

Over in Intermediate, my Man Russ Victor takes the day, with Gabby right behind. (Must be something in the Santa Rosa water..) Morgan Tanke had saturday's third place, and Cole Cullins, skipping Sportsman classaltogether, getting Intermediate fourth. Watch out grown-ups, here he comes!

Tim Holm is still the man to beat in Clubman A, with Paul Oswald taking Sunday's event. Clubman B- Heck, that was me in first! I know- crazy times. Todd Bennett took a very competitive Advance class on Saturday. Finally, old man Andrew Oldar came out of retirement to firmly win on the Expert line. Ty Cullins, well, he's right there as well. It's only going to get better as the season goes on.

The weather? OMG, after weeks of heat waves and flash floods, the hills of Cahuilla were nothing short of perfect. light breeze, puffy clouds, and angels singing, I swear. Yours truly blasted home, sadly missing Sunday, but the reports are coming in, and I've only heard great things about the day's races.

More later. For now,

Peace love and trials.