Checkers Rule!

Hi all, a very big thank you to those who volunteered to check. You've stepped it up big time, and we are ready to run! See the awesome list below. These are not the section assignments, just the list of who will be checking each day.

Day 1, Sept 20, Big Feets:

Course Marshall- Don Copeland

1. Andrew Lofquist
2. Erik Mattson
3.Wes Turner
4. Andrew Oldar or Ken Melody
5. Mark Oldar
6. Don W/ Kelly K
7. Carlos Johnston

and on Day 2, Sept 21, SDTR:

Corse Marshall- Mark Miller
1. Rick Jenkins/Tom Hamann
2. Randy Lewis
3. Tim Holm
4. Loretta Holm
5. Jared Malmquist
6. Scott Clark
7. Gabby Caperon
8. Bill Bliven

We also have Ken Melody and Brock Bruggman on Saturday- we'll get it organized Saturday morning!!


-Damon B.