The SCTA Season Opening Weekend.

That's right, this season, trials starts with a bang. We're running Rounds One and Two on one great weekend, September 20 and 21. Saturday we've got Round One: The Rockpile TrialRound One, hosted by the Big Feets, and then Sunday, the San Diego Trials Riders Deliver Round Two. Two clubs, two trials, too much fun. But come on out anyway.Round Two: The Shady Lane Trial

I've just been out at MotoVentures and the riding conditions are great, and there are some fantastically great new trail segments thanks to Marcus Miller and his SDTR crew. It's an impressive feat- beautiful, hand-carved, manzanita singletrack tunnels just big enough for you, your skinny little trials bike, and a big fat smile.

Sections are spotted and under way, and ribbons mark a different loop for each day. There's some brand new sections, and new loop bits to boot. Setting up to be a mighty great weekend, my friend.

New to trials? This is your spot! Your first competition! Mellow fun loop, super easy parking, and a just-right novice line. Go to the AMA, get your license and come on out!

See those thumbnails above?- get your Full Color flier right here.