Piutes: The Season Opener

Well, after a way too short summer, the SCTA 2014/2015 is right around the SoCal corner. Some of you have been hard at work, practicing your ups, downs, and righty-tighties, and some, well maybe not so hard. But heck- there's still time for few great weekend sessions, and then... (drumroll please..)


The Big Feets Trial, up high in the mighty Piutes. We'll shortly be getting the lowdown from the Don, Father Big Feet himself, as to the general gist of things, but let me say this: It falls on a 3 day weekend (nice), and it's the first step in acheiving that bit of crucial hardware for your trophy shelf; the coveted Ironman. Usual stuff apllies, like a 10:00 am start, a bitchen forest loop, and some epic trail riding if you have a dual-sport (Tim?).

Anyhow, just stay tuned for more..