Summertime Happenings


This story, lifted off the ol' facebook:

The Cullins boys had another fantastic weekend at the Western Youth Mototrial Nationals in Colorado. Cole Cullins (left) won the 11& under Championship and Ty won the 15 &under/Overall Youth Championship. All of us here in SoCal are proud of these kids!

This is their last national event for the season and it was a pretty good one, with Ty winning the 125 Expert class and both the Eastern and Western Youth Overall Championships. SCTA Prez, coach, driver, and proud father Chris would like to thank Beta U.S.A. for making this possible, and of course to Mrs. Cullins for holding down the fort while they were away. Well done, men. See you all out at Santa Rosa in preparation for the 2014/2015 season.

(Again, thanks to Chris- I totally grabbed this from his Facebook report!)