Season Wrap: The Fun(d) Trial!

Greetings all, this Sunday marks the date of our always fun, and often goofy, Fun(d) trial and season trophies! Got questions? Then you've come to the right place, friends.

Why is it so much FUN?:

Because it's a gate trial, which means YOU get to pick the obstacles in the section. Feeling frumpy- go small. Feeling Bold- Go BIG!

We ride in teams. We all split up and ride as groups, and get to tease, cajole, and otherwise heckle (or even encourage!) our fellow riders. If I crash, I expect to hear it from you. lay it on.

What's it cost?

Why, free of course. And if you're feeling benevolent, then donations to assist our young riders on the national stage are very welcome. Thank you.

End of the year awards?

Well yes, we've tallied up the points, checked them twice, and we have the season champs to congratulate! Bring a lawn chair, and after the ride, hoist a cold one to our Champions.

Ironman? Ironwoman?

Oh yes, if you rode/checked at every event, then you have indeed earned the right to be called IRONMAN, or IRONWOMAN (whatever floats your boat). Stunningly beautiful Ironman awards await, you stud, you.

Where? When? Motoventures. Sunday June 8 at 11.