Practice, practice,practice, somebody is practicing!

Greetings! Ah, the lazy days of summer have slowed the trials riding to a near halt. but this weekend, I'll be out at the usual practice spot, finally getting a few rocks under my bike. I mean heck- that 2014/2015 season? She is right around the corner! The other guys in my class? They are not slowing down at all. I know they are out there working on their moves. 

So to all of you, get on out there, get sweaty, and be ready for that fresh clean slate that only a brand spanking new season can bring!

-Your SCTA nagging coach, Damon B.

The new season will be here much faster than you imagine. This is a great time to train for the heat of the season openers. Maybe it was the "World Cup" affect, but Dan Varner, Damon Barda, and I had Santa Rosa all to ourselves Sunday. Don't squander an opportunity to prepare for next  season. Get out there!

Your SCTA nagging coach's coach, Captain O