Best for Last!

Ah, the SCTA Parade of Champions marches on.. and I've saved the dynamic duo for last, because they both exemplified what a competitive season is all about. Namely determination, perserverence, patience, planning, and of course, endless hours of Practice. So, without further adieu, I bring you Tim Holm, 2014 Clubman Champion, and his lovely teamate, Loretta Holm, Novice Champ. Incredible riding all around!

Keepin' it in the family, championship style.You'll also note those Ironman awards as well. I see a trend here with all our champs; apparently riding your ass off all season long, makes you a better rider! OK, I'm in.

Finally to round things up, lets say a hearty congrats to our 2013/2014 Class Champions.

Novice, Loretta Holm

Sportsman, Didrik Thordarson

Intermediate, Carlos Johnston

Clubman, Tim Holm

Advanced, Bruce Davis

Expert, Ty Cullins

Great job, everyone. Thanks to the event organizers, the set up guys, the checkers, sign-up, trophies, webguy even! Watch here for the new season calendar, a TRIALS DEMO in October, and MORE!!

All results may be downloaded here.