Los detalles

El Trial- We have some more details!

(You see, SOMEONE sent me an email, wanting details. Unfortunately, they left me the wrong email to reply to. You know who you are, Team Sow) Don't worry, we're still friends.

Anyhow- I digress. The details, yes. How much does El Trial cost, as it's a TWO day event? Well, it's a single event, held over two days, so the cost is the usual $30 for SCTA members, $40 for non-members, for the WHOLE weekend! Your score will reflect your combined loops over two days. Muy épica.

How hard is the loop? Dang- this is a sweet twisty loop up and down some way mellow trails. No big technical challenge here, except your grinning muscles might get tired. Seriously tired. Did Imention it's fun?

Camping- is it free? Well, maybe. In the past we've pitched in $5 per night to the landowner, as a token of goodwill. So, let's call it $5 a night. Which is almost free.

Kids class? Oh yes, on Sunday, a special mini-trial for the very little ones. Bring your Osets, my small friends!

And how about this: Saturday at 10:00, Bill Hanson and friends will be running a trials school for our newer riders. So now there's NO excuse! You WILL learn to ride, and maybe even compete, at El Trial of all places. Is this a cool world or what?