Round SIX: The Happy Trial

Dateline Romoland.

The loop and sections are in. Some great re-working of some very classic lines. Sections 9 and 10, right near the pits, right where they ought to be. Eight more, scattered along a sublime and twisty loop, washed clear of dust by the recent rains. The views of Mount San Gorgonio, Big Bear, and even Saddleback are postcard-ready.

The crew at Santa Rosa is READY and we are thrilled to be hosting this quintessentially Southern California Trial. Sign up on line or at the event. Come on out and spectate, for the low, low cost of FREE. Our goal is 60 riders, so if you've been sitting on the sidelines, well, we'll have none of that- get on out here!

We had a final day of prep on Sunday, and the course is ready. Section 2 is shown above, if you'd like to get a bit of mental practice in.

See you there!