Five days from now. The Happy Trial, at Romoland. Meanwhile we bring you the section of the day; Numero five, modeled by the Captain:

Lovingly situated on the shady side of the loop, Section Five features one great big mossy rock, which was uncovered only by the very hardworking landscape Mr. Davis and Mr. Barda hard at work, keeping the workers entertained. Hey- someone has to do it.maintenance crew of the SCTA. Said rock provides a BIG up for Clubman and Advanced riders, and would seem to be the landing pad, when launching from a sweet BMX ramp of a rock for the Experts. Novice, Sportsman, Intermediate riders- fret not, as we've not given you an easy line either. But we HAVE made it fun, and oh so satisfying. Like I said, just five more days...

Speaking of the setup crew, HUGE thanks to these folks, without their help, we'd have no trial:

Paul 'Loop master' Oswald, Clive Hannon, Chris Cullins and Scott Wenger, who exclusively created Section Six, Tim 'the Gardener' Holm, Kevin Barda and Bruce Davis, who as usual kept the crew laughing, Gabby Caperon, for reminding me what is, and what is NOT, a good section, and my wife, for letting me out to Romo for about six weekends straight.

Still looking for a couple of checkers; please won't you be our number 5 or 8? Let us know, using the Contact Us link on the left. So far, we have...

1. Kevin Barda
2. Ty Cullins
3. Andrew Oldar
4. Didrik and Oli Thordarson
6. Paul Oswald
7. Dave Bell
9. Ed Lowenberg
10. Pete Croft


-Damon B.