Black and White Blues...

I love this job. There. I said it: I love this here website, and making our event flyers. Love love love.
BUT, sometimes, things go awry.

The flyer for The Veterans Day Trial, for instance. Old fave photo of Zac, all touched up and pretty. Scored a new US Air Force-kinda font. Tweaked the basic template all over the place. Looking good. Color was just right.
And then what happens? I go and convert to black and white for the mailed version. Aw crap. If you got your flyer, you hear me. Text in sky: gone. Seriously, it's a rookie mistake, should have foreseen that.

VETERANS DAY TRIAL is what you should see there, in all it's bad-ass fontness. Set in a serene azure sky.
So go print a color version. I'm over it. Just had to get that out.
Now, about the photo above. Paul O. Bruce and Reid. Art B. Tennessee Don. Honda Bill. Me. We were all out there; spending that sweet extra hour of saved daylight, not sleeping, but riding of course.
Happy November, mates. See you at the Vet Day Trial.