It was not 95 degrees. It was too Cool!

So there we were. Taking a break at our favorite practice venue after a killer trip around the "14". Everyone went out and had a chance at the many challenges the Captain had instore. Then back to the pits to cool down and have lunch. Temperature around 50-55 degrees with occasional drizzle and light rain. Perfect trials weather! What an awesome day to to ride trials. What a great group of friends to ride trials with. I really enjoyed all aspects of todays outing. Team Montesa (Bill Hanson, and me), Russ, Gabby, Brad, The Cullins Beta crew and three new riders in attendance today. Sorry the rest of you missed it. Hope to see you all at SDTR practice session between the tapes at Cahuilla next weekend.Also, I hope all of you had a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Cheers.