The Results Are Up! (Really)

Greetings, all. The results from Round 1 are now posted. Just click on the 'Competition and Results' link, then select 'Results and Standings', and there you go.
Now, the sort of: they're posted, but way down at the bottom. Web guy has been trapped in a hotel with WAY bad internet service (Marri-not), and we've been having a rough time trying to clean up the page. In any event, they're there, at the bottom, and once I get on the home network it will all be organized and dare I say, beautiful.
Have a great Friday, and see y'all soon at Cougar Buttes.

* * *

Follow up: Back at a REAL signal, and the page is ready for the new season! Enjoy. Brings tears to my eyes.

PS: Tim Holm is our wonderful scorekeeper for each event, and gets these resulsts things turned around lightning fast! All hail Tim!