The Big Adventure

The latest news and views of this weekend's Cougar Classic:

Trials Master Todd has chosen an 8-section, 4 loop event, and the loop itself is nice and mellow. You can practically drive to the sections. (Matter of fact, I think I will).

The Plonkers Adventure Ride will take place Saturday around 2:00-ish. Lovingly crafted, laser-etched souvenir dog tags, will be earned, for any and all who somehow make it to the plaques, provided by Plonkers President, CharliE Rowlett.Brad, Crofty, Zac, Madden and CharliE, resting at the plaques.Camp is at the usual spot, which is to say, the spot where we were last year, and the year before that. Anyhow, just follow the ribbons- you'll get there. Sign up on line, and save a step or two on race morning.

Drivers meeting* is at 9:45am Sunday. See you there!

*Driver's? Don't ask.