Round One: The Piutes.

This just in from our intrepid Big Feets President, Don Copeland-

Mike Graves and I worked in a NEW loop last weekend that starts at the Grumpy Grizzly and transverses the woods over to his "Gravesyard" without crossing any roads.

We will use the private drives to return to the Grumpy/Sign-up/Scoring area. So after the loop you get a bit of rest on the short return. Total mileage is fairly low, probably 4-5 miles total, but it's pure virgin single track through the pines. I'll check exact length and report before the event.

 All NEW sections will be setup and some will be in the general area that Captain O declared "magic" at our very first Fun Trial a few years back. We're going to try and make all sections more bike friendly, so if ya' scratch it or break it, it won't be because of a poorly designed section that includes a "bike trap". Also will make the Novice & Sportsman lines passable in ALL sections, and try to avoid the difficult, sandy ups for those guys. Will run 'em downhill if we can. Intermediates get ready for lots of turns, turns, turns and some fun, but not dangerous rocks. For the Clubman and Advanced we'll try to test ya' with less ridiculous stuff and still challenge your more advanced trials skills. Experts will get some bigger stuff but we'll try our best to make it challenging, safe and fun!

Are we going to have any Pros this year? Hope so, love making sections for those guys.

We will have a Czech ride at noon on Saturday, all are welcome to come along, but only Checkers get to ride the snot out of the sections on Saturday! But think about this: if you plan to compete you can come along and watch the sections being ridden BEFORE you have to do them. Could that help you on Sunday - maybe. At least you'd get to see what works and what might not work in a given section for a given line.

So get the best of both worlds - be a Piutes Checker and ride ALL sections like a full-trial on Saturday FOR FREE. And get your first place points in the Piutes shade! How can it get better than that?

BTW - we need Checkers! Please help! Sign ups now officially open. Email me, post up here or call me and we'll get ya' set up with the deluxe package! Thanks in advance for helping our new Club!

Do you like Rally Cars? Well, we do. So we're collaborating with the High Desert Trails rally association to have a Rally in conjunction with our Spring SCTA season closer next May! I met with Chris & Kristine Marciniak on Sunday and we agreed to make this thing happen. They scouted Piute Mountain Road and said it was a "amazing" rally route. They identified radio control points, danger areas, etc. in preparation. We're thinking they run stages on Jawbone Canyon Road and then run a stage up Piute Mountain Road with a mid-day break at the Big Feets compound. So ya' get to see some crazy driving, talk to the drivers/co-drivers and check out a whole bunch of super-cool rally cars at a grand Big Feets gala, with headquarters at the Grumpy Grizzly and car viewing in the large area across the road. There's lots of work to do including meeting with the Kern County Board of Supervisors (they are very supportive of the Rally folks) but we think it's 99% likely to occur. Check out more about the rally at

Start getting ready now for the "Cinco de Trialo de Rallyo" in early May 2014!

Setup will be the weekend before, August 23-25. Come on up and have some pre-event fun!