Czech! That's ten!

Looks like we've got our list of checkers for the Piutes event!

So far, we've got these fine folks:

1. Erik Mattson

2. Jim Pyeatt

3. Mike Graves

4. Randy Lewis

5. Gabby Caperon

6. Charlie Rowlett

7. Quinn Lewis (tentative)

8. Tim Holm

9. Loretta Holm

10. And... Chris Cullins!

Don't forget, you check, you get winning points toward the season championship, you get to pre-ride the entire trial on Saturday, and and AND you get to laugh at ME, when I potentally FIVE your section. Sounds like a pretty good deal, no? The above people are to be commended, and deserve you're finest salutation when next you meet.

These guys are counting on you!