The Set-Up: You Win!

Piutes. The very remoteness of it all, the so very-rarely-ridden rocks, some never. Piutes is indeed a lengthy drive from many places, but the serenity and the quality of riding make it all so worth the trek. The Big Feets Trials Club has built, from scratch, one amazing, pristeen, family-friendly trials wonderland. Glory be!In fact, a small group arrived this weekend to lay out most all the sections, mark the new loop, and generally get ready for the season opener. I was there, and I saw: Flowy sections, soft sections, and some just plain old super fun sections. Got logs? We do. Cool pine-dodging singletrack loop? Yep. Easy breezy cool-down ride stretching from section 10 to score table? Check.

Oh, did I just say Check? Why I did! Which reminds me: Big Feets and this fine trial needs some checkers! If you can check, please let us know. Picture this, brothers and sisters: A day in the shady pines, trading grins with your moto-mates, start the season off with a ship-load of good karma, AND the equivalent of a win in the points column! Holy Whatever, that's one fine deal. Like I said; let us know. Pretty please. Who knows? Maybe you can even help with sign-up?

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Don Copeland, Eric Mattson, John Bumgarner and Michael Salsman, for just banging out the sections this weekend. Also, I'm pretty suspicious that a renegrade crew of Plonkers will be out there, building the last few sections before the our event. Just a feeling...

Finally, the decks of the ol' Grumpy Grizzly were looking mighty inviting this weekend. Hope to see you there, when the place is open!


Damon B.