Santa Rosa Sessions, and Arizona National Update

The Southern California Trials Association Championship begins in just over a month.

Training and preparation are the necessary ingredients for success and maximum fun in our sport. At least 13 riders spent the entirety of Sunday polishing and perfecting their skills and bikes for the upcoming season. The weather was typical summer practice weather, 95 degrees with a breeze that kept it "nice". Start preparing now. The season will be upon us very soon. Pictured below, Mo, Pip, Bill, Billy, Loretta and Tim. Not pictured, Oli and Didrik, Paul O, Mystery Honda TL kid, Eric Mattson, Bruce Davis and myself. Click on the pictures to go Supa-size.

Meanwhile, a few of our So Cal men travelled to Kingman, AZ, for rounds 6 and 7 of the AMA/NATC MotoTrial National. Brad Hannon and Ty Cullins bagged first place, both days, in their respective classes! Very impressive, gents. Also, Bultaco-mounted Michael Salsman took first place on Sunday, on his lucky 13th national attempt in Twin Shock class. Riding the Pro class, Eric Storz took fourth on Saturday, then third on Sunday, getting his first-ever podium finish at a US National. Eric's skill level is becomming more amazing as the summer wears on. Pete Croft also took second each day in Clubman. Move him up! (Kidding)

Anyhow, it was a fantastic day for trials, no matter where you were. Well done everyone!

Full So Cal results:


Pro- Eric Storz, 4th

Sportsman- Brad Hannon, 1st

Clubman- Pete Croft, 2nd and Bill Merritt, 7th

Twin Shock, Michael Salsman, 2nd

High School- Ty Cullins, 1st

SR-50- Clive Hannon, 5th

Sunday 28th

Pro- Eric Storz, 3rd

Sportsman- Brad Hannon, 1st

Clubman- Pete Croft, 2nd

High School- Ty Cullins, 1st

Twin Shock- Michael Salsman, 1st

SR-60- Clive Hannon, DNF

Great job, all. Full results HERE.