Cruel, Cruel Summer.

Oh, the travesty of it all!Summer means no SCTA trials, and I miss dearly all my trial riding bro's. But- Summer also means changing the oil, cleaning the air filter, (especially if the last place you rode was amongst the micro-fine dust of the Piutes), and perhaps even replacing the kickstart lever I so soundly broke during the Fourth of July parade 'round my block. But fret not- next weekend brings the Arizona AMA NATC National, and then, come September; we are back to the Piutes!
Oh yes. My man Don Copeland is voraciously transforming this sleepy mountain camp into California's finest trials destination, replete with big rocks, big screens, and big er, Grumpy Grizzliness. So, this September first, SoCal trials is BACK, in full force. Surf is up.

So you know what, this summer isn't so darn cruel after all.

Now, off to lube the chain, and then I am READY.