Youth Fund Wrap!

Another AWESOME end to the 2012/2013 SCTA Championship Season, for sure. The Youth Fund Trial raised some serious dinero, and some serious fun as well.

Kristjan Thordarson's team won a hard fought event, with team Storz and Cullins close behind. But more importantly, the entire SCTA core group rode as one, balancing, wheelie-ing, and laughing all the way. I can easily say this was the most FUN I've had riding all year. Personal big shout out to Captain Paul and Marcus Miller for sharing all the best lines, and spotting me in the scary stuff. If you've never ridden with these gentlemen, you gotta make a trials play date, and soon.

Ironman awards were handed out to all who competed and/or checked the entire 11-event season. I've yet to do the math, but I'm quite sure this task amounted to about 2,500 miles of road trips, eight nights of sleeping under the stars, and countless bench races. Epic, epic, epic. And whew!

Finally, what's that I hear? That's the sound of the young ones coming up from behind! Most notably, my little buddy, Skylar Carillo (Pictured above), who won her very own mini-trial event, besting Renatta Delaney by a slim 2 points. Way to go, Skylar! (And thanks for being such a good sport, Renatta).

Also, continue to watch this site, as we'll soon have the 10 event 2013/2014 season schedule posted. No matter the class you ride, I guarantee it will be another season of major fun. And if you've been letting that bike get a bit dusty, well, fix that situation by planning to ride with us.

Big big thanks to all of you who make this crazy sport so much dang fun. I'm so very proud to finally be part of what I'd call 'the regulars'. See you all this summer at Santa Rosa, Cougar Buttes, and Romoland.

Feet up, Peace love and trials.