It's in the Record Books, Folks.

Well not quite. First, there are the results from the awesomely challenging Cinco de Trialo in the mighty Piutes. Big public acknowledgement here: Clive Hannon can just plain RIDE a motorcycle. And Didrik Thordarson? That young man just keeps on charging, despite the odds and level of difficulty. Hat's off to you, and all the stalwart  finishers of last Sunday's pine needle-infused adventure. Further, hats off and huge thanks to the property owners, Don Copeland and Big Feets Trials Club,the checkers,  and every single person who made the trek, and supports open trails. You all are what makes this sport so very special. Aw shucks, I'm getting a little verklempt here.


So for now, the competition portion of the 2012/2013 Southern California Trials MotoTrials season is all but wrapped up, and all that's left is to publish the final season standings, hand out the Season Championship awards, and host ourselves a little FUN trial. You down for THAT?

Coming up, June 2, at Cahuilla!

PS: You go Ironman?