Cinco de Trialo (Piutes) is Upon us! Championship Season Standings Posted

Don C. and crew have been very busy. This weekend is shaping up to be a Gear Head's dream. Ride to the Jet. Friday Barbecue. Rally Cars. Czech Ride, Cinco de Mayo at the Grumpy Grizzly. Satellite feed to the SuperCross, and that's NOT ALL! Sunday we are having the coolest (shade that is) Trial of the season. You should be on your way up to Piute Mountain now. The Season Standings are now available in Results and Standings up in the Masthead. There are some tight races for the Championships. Check it out. I cannot wait for this one. I have reposted Don Copeland's last blast below. Captain O

Bicycle Ron talked to Kris and learned the best place to view is the intersection of Jawbone Canyon Road and Kelso Valley Road, where the will have three different sections that can be seen from the same spot. We can lead a ride from the trials site down to the intersection without getting on the road that will be used for the rally. Kris said the best time to watch would be at 1:00 pm. If a group leaves camp at 12:00 they can make it there easily.

So many things to do over the weekend it's hard to choose! So ar here's a shortlist of the activities:
1) Friday night barbeque for the early arrivals
2) Saturday ride to the airplane
3) Saturday ride to the rally race
4) the new "Czech Ride" for the Checkers also on Saturday
5) a great Mexican-themed feast Saturday at 6:00pm
6) Cinco de Mayo mayhem Saturday night at the Grumpy Grizzly
7) a great Piute Moto-Trial to top it all off!

Plus, if ya' can squeeze it in, some of the best singletrack in California!

May 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDon C.