El Trial Wrap Up


After the long dusty ride home, the unloading of bikes and downloads of pictures, we finally have a moment to say.. Wow! The Kids are Alright. While the El Trial Shootout was light on quantity of riders, it was rich with talent. Pros were Cody Webb, Southern California's own Eric Storz, and from Arizona, Bryan Roper.

Cody Webb sealed the deal, winning his fifth El Trial since grabbing his first back in '06.

Round Ten's morning club event was a typically Lake Isabelan kind of day, clear, breezy; perfect temps and riding conditions. Seven sections, including a classic 40-yard jaunt up a dry, bouldered riverbed, a soft as moondust hillclimb, and of course that superb Sierra granite. Great stuff.

Cody Webb at left and below, Bryan Roper center and Eric Storz at bottom. Click for full resolution.